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The KKK claims they don’t hate anyone.

I guess attacking, bombing and murdering people isn’t considered hate.

The KKK claims they are against violence.

I guess blowing these four girls up was love.

Would you not call this violence?

The KKK is against criminal acts.

Arrested for drugs.

Arrested numerous times.

The KKK has no ties to Neo-Nazis.

I guess he forget the Nazi flag was behind him.

I respect anyone that speaks out against racism. Racism is an evil and waste of life. I learned that the hard way. Racism caused problems between me and my family, cost me great relationships and a job. I’m over that point in my life, and life has never been so great.

Many anti-racist groups are communists. I’m far from being a communist. A lot of anti-racist groups want hate groups to be outlawed. I love America and all of our freedoms. I want the KKK, Neo-Nazis and Black Panthers to be able to speak and march. I respect everyone’s free speech. Many anti-racists also use violence against racists. I believe in educating people about the truth of racism. Violence makes you no different from the racist.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – No one can knock all the great work the SPLC has done. However, the SPLC lies and posts many false facts and incorrect information. We all make mistakes, but the SPLC purposely posts false information on hate groups, hate groups membership and the bios of hate group leaders. I’m not sure on who lies more – The SPLC or the Racists?

One Peoples Project (OPP) – Mr. Jenkins, the founder and leader of OPP has been very kind toward me. When I first quit the white power movement, he was the first person to wish me the best. While I respect his work, OPP promotes a lot of violence during what should be peaceful protests. Jenkins also leans toward Communist views which I totally disagree with.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – Like the SPLC, these guys lie nonstop. I’ve found many incorrect facts on their website. Half the time their website is out of date with information. Normally their “updates” are six months behind the data of the SPLC.

Jewish Defense LeagueThe group is as bad as the racist. Many of their members are criminals who promote violence. They are known to attack, stab and bomb those they disagree with. They have been looked into for numerous crimes over the years. They are the “KKK” of the anti-racist movement.

Johnny Lee ClaryA fraud who lies about how important he once was. A medium player in the KKK, Clary pretends he was once the leader of thousands of Klansmen. Most Klansmen of his day recall him being a nobody. Clary also claims to be a famous pro-wrestler. Again, hardly anyone recalls his wrestling career. He uses the anti-racist movement to earn a paycheck.

Me – Why am I different? I never claim to be anything I wasn’t. I’ve never made a dime speaking out against racism. While I now hate racism, I respect their freedoms, such as free speech. I believe in educating instead of using violence. I also believe in the truth.

I’m not knocking any of the above anti-racists. These people have been fighting racism way longer than I have. I’m a nobody. I am just one person doing all he can to educate others on racism. Everything I say is from the heart. I have firsthand experience within the white power movement. I do not sellout for cash. That is what separates me from the others – honesty.

Full story here

Derek Black, son of the former Alabama Klan leader who now runs the largest racist Web forum in the world, has renounced white nationalism, saying that he had been through “a gradual awakening process” and apologizing for his past activism.

In an E-mail (pdf) to the editor of this blog earlier this week, Black, 24, wrote that he had come to see the arguments of white nationalism as “principally flawed,” adding that he had realized that American society is marked by an “overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else” and that white nationalism was really about “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others.”

“Advocating for white nationalism means that we are opposed to minority attempts to elevate themselves to a position equal to our own,” wrote Black, who recently finished his third year at the elite New College of Florida. “It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm.” Read More »

People in the white power movement blame Jews, non-whites and homosexuals as the main problems in the world. They believe that white people are superior and above all other races. They blame Jews for controlling the media and stealing all the wealth.

Racist people should look among their own ranks. They are the criminals. They are the thieves. I’ve personally received more threats from white power people than I have from all other races combined. I have been slandered, harassed and stalked by numerous racist people. Since quitting the white power movement, I’ve had almost zero issues with people of color or the Jewish religion. I can’t say the same about the bigots.

Below I am going to expose numerous facts about white power people. Some are drug addicts. Others are rapists. Some are murderers. The list of crimes is endless. I could probably write 4-6 articles on the hypocrites within the white power movement. By the time I finish this article, I think you will understand my point. Enjoy.

I first went to NSM’s website. Under their 25 Points of National Socialism, point 17 states how they are against murderers, rapists and child molesters.

Meet NSM’s former Indiana State Leader, John Snyder. He enjoys rape. Not only rape, but he likes to rape underage girls. To be fair, I’m sure he followed the prior 16 points of National Socialism. Just not the rape part.

I then went to the IKA’s website. The home page, if you scroll down, states the IKA is a law-abiding group. Is that so?

Seen above is Ron Edwards, founder and Imperial Wizard of the IKA. He was arrested for meth and gun charges. I guess that’s the black man’s fault. Joking. We all know those Jews made him like meth.

Go to the Knights Party’s website. They claim nobody has ever went to jail while being a Knights Party member. Wrong. I guess they forgot their own past.

Don Black was arrested in 1981 for trying to take over the  Caribbean. At the time, Black was the Imperial Wizard of the Knights Party.

The National Alliance was the most active white power group between 1995-2002. They viewed whites as superior, Jews as slave masters and blacks as dumb criminals. How did they back this up?

Ask Shaun Walker. He attacked non-whites in at least two different bars. Who’s the dumb criminal now?

Once upon a time, the Aryan Nations was a large and powerful hate group in America. They claimed to be “Christians” that were fighting Satan and his children who they claimed were Jews. How closely did they follow the Bible?

Richard Butler said “race-mixing” was Satanic. Yet, his last girlfriend was known to play with a black snake every now and then……

This is Butler’s former girlfriend, Bianca Trump, a former porn star. She never saw a black piece of meat she could refuse. So much for all the race-mixing is evil BS.

I could go on and on. I’m pretty sure I’ve made my point. The entire white power movement is a joke. They are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Not only that, they abuse drugs, attack people and rape people just like the rest of the general population. What more needs to be said? Don’t believe me? Research all the above data yourself. You will find the same information.

Nathan Bedford ForrestForrest was a self-made millionaire and Lt. General of the Confederate Army. He served as the first ever National Leader of the KKK using the title “Grand Wizard“. Forrest ran the KKK from 1865-1867.

William Joseph SimmonsSimmons founded the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in 1915. The group saw its massive growth after his departure. Simmons led the KKK from 1915-1922 and created the new National Leader Title, “Imperial Wizard”.

Dr. Hiram Evans – Evans led the KKK from 1922-1939. Membership reached an all-time high with between 4-6 million members during his reign. The KKK was also rocked with many scandals during his reign.

Dr. Samuel GreenWhile most call him Imperial Wizard, Green actually was a Grand Dragon (state leader) who ran the Georgia Knights of the KKK. He was the forefather of the idea of numerous Klan groups which made it harder for the KKK to be tracked by the government. His ideas kicked off the 4th Era of the KKK.

Sam BowersHe led one of the most, if not, most violent KKK groups of the 4th era (1950’s-1960’s). His White Knights of Mississippi threatened, attacked and murdered hundreds of innocent people.

Robert Shelton – Shelton’s United Klans of America (UKA) was the largest KKK group of the 4th era. Some sources claim nearly 100,000 members served under him. His group was known for violence, mainly bombings, with one killing four young black girls in a church.

David Duke – With KKK membership at an all-time low, Duke reshaped how people saw Klansmen. Duke’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan revived the KKK’s membership from 1,500 members nationwide to 15,000. Duke’s name is known for gambling, hookers and booze. He would later become a Congressman of Louisiana.

Bill Wilkinson – Founder and Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire Knights of the KKK. Wilkinson led one of the larger KKK groups of the 5th era (1970’s). When it was all said and done, Wilkinson was a paid informer for the FBI.

Virgil Griffin – Griffin was the Imperial Wizard of the Christian Knights of the KKK, one of the most active groups of the 1980’s. Members of his group were arrested for catching black churches on fire. He soon faded out of the public’s eye.

Don Black – Close friends with David Duke, Black took over the Knights after Duke left. Black is best known for starting the first ever white power website, Stormfront. He has a criminal past.

Jeff Berry – Known more as a clown than a racist, Berry ran the American Knights throughout the 1990’s. He was criminal who served time for fraud, drugs and kidnapping.

Ron Edwards – Edwards mixed Nazism with KKK tradition. From 1997-2005, his Imperial Klans of America (IKA) was the largest, most active and violent KKK group in the world. He lost a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit and was later arrested for a drug deal gone bad.

Thom Robb – Robb has ran the Knights Party since 1989, the same group founded by David Duke. He portrays the KKK as nice, kind and loving. He is known to live off donations and slander those he dislikes. His group has dwindled down to 200-250 members and are mostly active online.

Frank Ancona – Currently the Imperial Wizard of the largest KKK group, the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK. The group has made some recent mainstream media. The group currently has membership in about 20 states. Rumors claim Ancona is Jewish.

Jeff Scoop – Jeff is the current leader of NSM. He goes by Commander, which is funny since he never served in the armed forces. Jeff doesn’t work and has a long history of criminal activity. He is also the father of numerous children from different mothers. You can read more here.

NSM member rapes girl – read story here.

Rapist of the NSM – read story here

Clifford HerringtonHerrington is the current “chairman” of NSM. He has been a Neo-Nazi since the 1970’s. As leader, he was never able to attract more than a few dozen like-minded people. He passed the torch to Scoop and dresses up yearly pretending to be Hitler. Rumors claim Herrington dates non-white women and is a total pervert.

NSM leader killed by son – read story here.

Satanism among NSM – read story here.

Story here

Jeff Berry was nothing more than white trash. Berry, a longtime criminal, finally did the world a favor and died. He was the former Imperial Wizard (National Leader) of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the largest KKK group of the mid-late 1990’s. The group was probably best known for two things – appearing on the Jerry Springer show and allowing anyone membership among their ranks.

Berry didn’t care who joined his KKK. The American Knights was made up of drug addicts, drunks, criminals, rapists and child molesters. Berry, himself, was a longtime criminal. He served time for fraud, drugs and kidnapping two members of a Louisville news crew. The American Knights were seen as an embarrassment to not only the KKK, but the entire white power movement.

Like many so-called “leaders” in the white power movement, Berry normally didn’t hold a job. His income was living off of donations and yearly dues from members. Berry was a known drug informer and wimp. He would bad mouth Jews, then use a Jewish lawyer to swindle money from cities that tried banning his group from marching. Berry even openly took money from cities not to march. His loyalty was to his back account and nothing more.

A few years back, Berry was beaten by his own son. Sadly, he lived. For the past few years, Berry’s name faded into history. Today, his name is more of a punch-line than anything else. He is remembered for being a beer-gut, foul mouth loser that appeared on Jerry Springer. As of right now, he’s facing Satan and probably not running his mouth. Have fun in hell, Jeff.


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